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TOKYO: Through my lens

December 23, 2013

TOKYO: Through my lens, is a visual documentary of my experiences in Tokyo, Japan. This video covers my 5 days and 4 nights of colorful discovery and adventure.

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Travel Portland and Amtrak Cascades unveils the “Portland Express” #PDXNOW

December 14, 2013

Travel Portland and Amtrak Cascades unveiled the “Portland Express” to social media travel enthusiast on Dec 13th at King Street Station. The Portland Express is a train with a unique dining car that runs from Vancouver, B.C., through to Eugene, Oregon.



The car has been completely redesigned to give you the Portland experience; it’s features include Pendleton Woolen Mills upholstered seats, art, food and beverages from beloved Portland retailers. Passengers will be able to ride the “Portland Express” starting January through to March 2014.

Portland based Woodblock Chocolate


Luz Elena Mendoza and the Tiburones (Portland band) playing a acoustic set inside the dining car.

The bands performance.






More event photos

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Holiday Air Travel Tips!

December 12, 2013
Holiday air travel tips

1.Get to the airport early.
I know this sounds like a no brainer but if you don’t get to the airport early enough you may miss out on your ticket. The winter months are the highest travel time out of the year in the U.S. so that means tons of lines, bodies and other red tape to go through to get to your travel destination.

2.Put your smart phone to work.
If you have an iPhone and don’t need to check luggage, try using the Passport App. With this app you can download your boarding pass and save time by avoiding the check-in line all together. Airport staff will then scan your phone at security check-ins and when boarding the plane. Plus, the added bonus of being environmentally friendly by saving paper.

3.Buy a gift just for yourself.
When possible, try for Economy Plus, Economy Comfort, or Premium Economy seats for your holiday travel. These sections of the airplane will give you at least four inches of extra space and early boarding privileges. Perks like these can be pricey but the gift of lowered stress and extra comfort can be well worth it on a crowded and lengthy flight.

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Ice Skating at Central Park

December 9, 2013

One of my favorite experiences while I was in NYC was skating at Wollman Rink. Wollman Rink (also called Trump Rink) in located in the middle of central Park. I haven’t ice skated for over 20yrs but what better time to try the sport again than in New York City during Christmas time. Below are some videos of my experiences on the ice.

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1year Anniversary

December 1, 2013

Happy 1year Anniversary to! It’s been a one-year since I’ve started up the blog and I wanted to celebrate by going to the “Big Apple”. This will be the first time I’ve been to New York so I’m interested in what it has to offer.

Now at least to some of you are surprised I’ve never been to New York, one of the world’s most popular cities.  Honestly, I’m surprised too! From what I’ve heard New York City is perfect for me. My plan is to take plenty of video and pictures of my experiences to share on the blog.

Thanks to everyone who has read my blog for this first year. Also if you haven’t voted on my blog poll ( please do so. I would like to know about what topics you enjoy so I can create better posts. ‎Wish me luck!

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How to purchase a Suica Card

October 9, 2013

A Suica card is a reload able smart card used as a fare card on rail lines in Japan. To purchase a new Suica, you will need ¥2000 (¥1,500 prepaid, ¥500 deposit). When you no longer need your Suica card, you can return at a JR East station or subway office.

The benefit to having this prepaid travel card is convenience. As a foreigner you may not want to carry around tons of loose change in your pocket or slow down the line counting yen at rail station restaurants. In the video above Yuta and Mihoko from Tokyo Daily Life will show you how to purchase a Suica card and some of its additional uses.

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The Story of Hachiko – Tokyo Daily Life

September 23, 2013

Hachiko is a famous statue of a dog who possessed legendary loyalty to his owner. It’s located at Shibuya station and is a great place to meet if you’re gathering with friends or a night out. Here’s part two of the Tokyo Daily Life video series where the founder of TDL tells me about the legend of Hachiko and why it’s a famous meeting place at Shibuya station.

Follow Tokyo Daily Life on twitter.

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Tokyo Daily Life Introduction

September 16, 2013

During my stay in Japan I hooked up with Yuta Sakaguchi of  Tokyo Daily Life.  Tokyo Daily Life introduces attractive points of Japanese daily life to people all over the world! In this video Yuta (writer / creator) tells you all about what you’ll find their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages. This video is the first of four videos to be premiered on my blog featuring Tokyo Daily Life.

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5 Must have mobile apps you’ll need when visiting Tokyo

September 10, 2013
Apps you must have going to Tokyo


Whether you’re going to Tokyo for business or holiday you’ll need at lease one these apps to get around smoothly in the land of the rising sun.

5. iTranslate – iTranslate will record your speech in English and translate it into Japanese. This app comes handy when you’re having difficulty expressing yourself, for instants getting lost, needing help, or asking questions.

4. Tokyo+ (Rail Map) – If you’ve seen the Tokyo rail map you’ll understand how confusing it can be. With this app you can study the rail system with no Internet connection and with GPS support you can find the closest rail station close to you.

3. Circle – With circle you can find out what’s going on locally in the city using your GPS. With this app you’ll find out information like weather forecasts, big news, events and people in your area. Information is power!

2. Line – If you don’t have a phone service while in Japan you may want to check out this app. Now I’m not really into Emoji’s and stuff but if you want to message and call your new Japanese friends for free give that app a tap.

1. Your bank app – It doesn’t matter if you have HSBC or Bank of America either way you are going to need to know about your funds. I recommend knowing how much money you have in the bank account at all times. Foreign charges can and will sometimes sneak up on you and you don’t want to be unaware in emergency situations.