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Holiday Air Travel Tips!

December 12, 2013
Holiday air travel tips

1.Get to the airport early.
I know this sounds like a no brainer but if you don’t get to the airport early enough you may miss out on your ticket. The winter months are the highest travel time out of the year in the U.S. so that means tons of lines, bodies and other red tape to go through to get to your travel destination.

2.Put your smart phone to work.
If you have an iPhone and don’t need to check luggage, try using the Passport App. With this app you can download your boarding pass and save time by avoiding the check-in line all together. Airport staff will then scan your phone at security check-ins and when boarding the plane. Plus, the added bonus of being environmentally friendly by saving paper.

3.Buy a gift just for yourself.
When possible, try for Economy Plus, Economy Comfort, or Premium Economy seats for your holiday travel. These sections of the airplane will give you at least four inches of extra space and early boarding privileges. Perks like these can be pricey but the gift of lowered stress and extra comfort can be well worth it on a crowded and lengthy flight.

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