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Inside Seattle’s first Skyscraper: The Smith Tower

August 29, 2016

 The Smith Tower
Smith Tower
Smith tower
Inside smith tower
Smith Tower Seattle

Inside Seattle’s first Skyscraper: The Smith Tower

Seattle’s first skyscraper has reopened to the public with a new visitor experience.  If you’re visiting Seattle for the first time, or just want a to see a cool view of Seattle, I would encourage you to visit the 35th floor. The 35th floor (Also know as the Chinese Room) features a 360 degree view of Seattle. While admiring the core of downtown Seattle, enjoy small bites and drinks at cafe Temperance. You will be transportated back in time, by it’s roaring 1920’s charm. Here’s a link to purchase tickets – Smith Tower

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Random photos of Stockholm

August 1, 2016


Random pictures of Stockholm

I’m really falling for this city! I can’t remember the last time travel to a city abroad and the people made me feel so at comfortable. I especially enjoy how the city is made small islands. These small walk-able islands, are home to city Parks, museums, old towns and other historic sights. I hope you enjoy my random pictures of Stockholm. My plan is to go back some day.

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5 Stockholm travel tips

July 20, 2016
5 Stockholm tips

5 Stockholm travel tips

1. Purchase a Stockholm Pass

Stockholm passes will give you free entry into some of Stockholm’s fantastic attractions. It also allows you to ride free boat and bus tours that take you all around the city. The Stockholm Pass can be purchased before you arrive, at Arlanda airport or Åhlens department store in the city.

2. Walk around the city

I’ve found Stockholm streets to be very walkable, clean and safe. The weather in Stockholm is very mild so it’s perfect for a Summer evening stroll.

3. Be prepared to spend money.

Stockholm is kinda pricey. You’ll pay for convince, so I would stay away from tourist areas. Newbies can be some what overwhelmed by the end of the trip and they realize they’ve spent more money than expected. Meals can cost close to $20 without beverages.

4. Be prepared to search for Swedish food in Stockholm.

I’ve found Swedish food is not the most popular cuisine in Stockholm. You’ll be more likely to see other European restaurants during your time in city. If you want to find traditional Swedish foods you’ll have to specifically look for them.

5. learn simple Swedish

Even though most Swedes know english, I feel like words like “Hej”/hey (hello) or ‘Tak’/tack (thanks) will get you a long way.

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What is Fika?

July 18, 2016

fika , sweden

What is Fika?

When you travel to Stockholm you’re going to see the word ‘Fika’ pasted on coffee shops and cafes all around the city, but what does it mean? Fika, is slang for coffee break. The act of Fika generally includes a cup of coffee, possibly conversation and a snack; which includes sandwiches or pastries. You may might not believe this, but Sweden is ranked 3rd in coffee consumption per capita. Coffee choices can be found virtually anywhere around the city, so after a bit of research, I settled on Fabrique Stenugnsbageri, as my first place to have Fika. This place has excellent pastries. I would recommend ordering the cinnamon bun and latte for your first go. 

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Traveling to the capital of Sweden

July 12, 2016

Traveling to the capital of Sweden

I’m finally going to Stockholm, Sweden! I’ve heard so many good things about the city and I can’t wait to actually experience it in real life. If you’re interested in what life is like in Stockholm, make sure you over the next few days. I plan on sharing plenty of Stockholm through my social media channels.

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Things are looking up!

June 22, 2016

I’m really excited for this Summer. I’ve got some fun adventures coming up! This photo shoot features the birch bag from Poros. Remember if you use the code “Antonio20” you can get 20% of your first purchase. Picture by

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Discovering Portland

June 7, 2016
Portland, Old town

Discovering Portland

Every time I’m in Portland, I discover new things the city has to offer. I stumbled into Machus, which sells men’s designer clothing and accessories from around the world and tried on a few items. You can’t beat the zero tax on designer items. 

 I also participated in the Bridgetown Comedy Fest, which is a 5 day comedy festival, featuring comics from around the states. The fest has been around for six years and has been called “the fastest-growing comedy extravaganza in America.” My friend Quincy Jones was premiering his HBO special during the festivies, so it was an event I couldn’t miss. 

International Doughnut Day just so happened to be going on while I was there, so I celebrated with a box of Voodoo Doughnut treats. My trip in total was short but I know I’ll be back again soon to discover more great things.

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Traveling with the Birch bag from Poros

May 19, 2016

Poros bag, Seattle ,Capitol hill
birch bag  from poros

Traveling with the Birch bag from Poros

Nothing is worse than running out of power on your mobile devices while you’re traveling. If you’ve ever had this problem before, I would suggest looking at Poros. Simply plug in your mobile device into the Poros bag, press the button on the inside, and you’ll have the power to fully charge your smartphone/tablet multiple times while on the go. This means, no fighting over power outlets at the airport or running out of juice while you wait for your next connection. This stylish bag is perfect for weekend get away trips and fits comfortably in airplane overhead bins. The Birch bag comes with either an mini usb or thunder bolt connection. If you use the code “Antonio20” you’ll get 20% off your first purchase. 

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Los Angeles with Quincy Jones

April 29, 2016

  quincy jones comedian  
The Broad Los angeles  
The broad , Antoniocdsmith, Los Angeles  

Los Angeles with Quincy Jones

Every time I visit Los Angeles, I like it more. The city has so many diverse cultures, neighborhoods, and foods. While in Los Angeles, I visited my old friend, Quincy Jones. Quincy Jones, is hiliarous comic from Seattle Washington who is has a great story and is making it big in LA. Be should to watch he’s special on HBO premiering June 2nd. 

Pictured: The Broad, Shake Shack, Alfred Coffee &; Kitchen

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Road Trip Quebec Maritime Part 4

April 21, 2016

 Quebec, Canada,  Winter  
Quebec Maritime, bison    

Road Trip Maritime part 4 (final)

Our trip to Ferme 5 Étoiles was amazing! Ferme 5 Etoiles (5 star farm) is the perfect place to bring your family and enjoy the peace and magic of winter. This farm has all sorts of wild animals including Emu, Goats, Yaks, horses and more.  I personally experienced nemurous unique adventures during this trip including driving my own dogsled team, sampling my first traditional Quebecois sugar shack experience and my first snowmobile ride.  
Thanks to Quebec Maritime Tourism for this great adventure. If you would like ideas on planning your own adventure please their site.