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Interview with Bonjournal

June 18, 2014

Below is a brief interview with Dorothy Lin, one of the creators of Bonjournal. Bonjournal is a new app and website which give bloggers and travel enthusiast like myself a simple and easy way to record their journey. This New York City based duo is bound to make some waves with their new app so get to know them in today’s Q&A.

What is your name?
My name is Dorothy Lin, and my co-founder/husband is Jonathan Ng.

What is Bonjournal?
Bonjournal is an iOS app and website that helps you create and share beautiful travel journals. The idea was conceived after my husband and I took a yearlong trip around the world, when we struggled to find the right tool to coherently document our journey. While a lot of apps record moments or snapshots, we value the full story of your travels. For example, this is my journal from Japan:

It’s easy to capture your memories with both our app and website. Our app works even without internet connection, so you can journal wherever you go. You can then share you travel journals with loved ones, or export them as PDFs to enjoy them forever. There’s also a social aspect to Bonjournal, so you can follow your friends along their journeys, as well as explore the experiences of other travel enthusiasts.

What makes Bonjournal so special?
Bonjournal is a very simple, and minimalist tool that does one thing really well: it records your travels. There are no fancy features. The interface is elegant, timeless, and void of visual clutter. We thoughtfully crafted Bonjournal to focus on what matters the most — your memories, and your stories.

Where is your favorite place to travel and why?
This is a toughie, but Nepal is my favorite place because hiking the Annapurna Circuit was the most life-changing trip I’ve experienced to date. Being there was like stepping back in time, since many of the villages are completely untouched by modern advances. The locals are wonderfully welcoming, and the landscapes are just amazing. Some of my favorite travel photos were taken in Nepal.

What is your must-have travel accessory?
I often rely on my iPhone as my camera, so I never travel without my external phone battery. Since it’s been a life saver on several occasions, I now carry my battery with me at all times.

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